Friday, November 25, 2011

Blind shopping

It's not advertisement or anti-advertisement. It's just my experience. Catalogues' shopping with sending via post office is not new idea.But currently it becomes more popular with Internet online servise. I'll describe here only 2 Internet-shops which I used really. 1st is German project but very popular in Russia - Quelle ( 2nd is British brand JoeBrowns (
1) These pants was ordered about 3 years ago from Quelle. Price of it was approximatelly 50$.This garment was demonstrated in catalogue as grey skinny pants for youth. As you can see really it's not so. After 1-2 wearing the threads of  material is damaged. In short, I don't like this garment and I wear it rare.

2)  Tunic from JoeBrowns was ordered recently. It looks as dress for my height. Price of it is about 42£. The garment is soft and comfy but has one trouble - bad quality of print. "It's not  fault, it's design feature", - they said. I think I'll wear it but I expected better thing.
P.S. The belt, clutches and jewelry were bought separately.
Conclusions. I don't like to buy in Internet shops/catalogues but probably in future it will be better and I'll change my opinion.


  1. Hello Irina, first thank you've edited, has been a long time, I feel that your purchases are not good, of course as the clothes one is nothing, however you can study to see other blogger clothes with things quality and very nice if you want me I can suggest.
    A big kiss for you from Spain.

  2. Irina, you are looking so nice in this dress. Keep it up.
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