Saturday, October 15, 2011

What do women and girls wear in Russian provinces?

If girl wears Chanel it doesn’t mean she has good taste. It means she has money to get Chanel.
When Italians, French and last time Moscow girls attack boutiques to search special thing from new collection, our province girls look through fashion magazines and get envy.
Russia is special country which has millions of contrasts and contradictions. Let’s fashion tendencies through the prism of mean life level of a town. First, let’s divide all clothes for 4 categories: expensive famous designers such as Armani, Gucci or Dior, not very expensive but popular brands like Zara, Bershka or Mango, there are Chinese and Turkish “cloths” in the markets and small shops and handmade things, for example, knitted pullover. What’s in real life? First category is forbidden for most citizens of big cities and small towns with middle life’s degree. As regards the second category it’s not so easy. Girl from deep province can get clothes more than 20% expensive because she need to go to nearest city and to spend  money for bus ticket or car gasoline. Also she can miss most of sales and bonus actions. Forth category is the best. You can do all things for yourself. But there is a problem here also. You cannot be so talented and creative as professional designer. That’s why we must choose only third category. It’s Chinese and Turkish clothes of low quality. Add here new Russian brands which we can see from time to time and “blind shopping” from online catalogues.
I’ll show here 2 looks of mine and similar looks of fashion website
 Look #1 is for work and pleasure.

Polyester blouse of dark-turquoises color, cheap grey skirt from market. You can find classic printed blazer in nearest trade center. I went 120 km from here for it. (See previous blog message). Remained things are famous brand Noname  (joking).

Look #2 is for active time-spending and shopping.

Flowered blouse was sewn by my known sewer some years ago. Grey jeans are very popular clothes of our markets. Knitted vest is my favorite thing. You can knit it yourself or buy it at trade center of a city. Bag and shoes are noname too.

My finish thinking is: if you have many qualitative brands’ clothes in your shops and if you have money then you can look modern and stylish. But if you have no it then it’s so hard to get good taste. I want to try it. But I don’t know if it’s worked out for me.


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