Friday, November 25, 2011

Blind shopping

It's not advertisement or anti-advertisement. It's just my experience. Catalogues' shopping with sending via post office is not new idea.But currently it becomes more popular with Internet online servise. I'll describe here only 2 Internet-shops which I used really. 1st is German project but very popular in Russia - Quelle ( 2nd is British brand JoeBrowns (
1) These pants was ordered about 3 years ago from Quelle. Price of it was approximatelly 50$.This garment was demonstrated in catalogue as grey skinny pants for youth. As you can see really it's not so. After 1-2 wearing the threads of  material is damaged. In short, I don't like this garment and I wear it rare.

2)  Tunic from JoeBrowns was ordered recently. It looks as dress for my height. Price of it is about 42£. The garment is soft and comfy but has one trouble - bad quality of print. "It's not  fault, it's design feature", - they said. I think I'll wear it but I expected better thing.
P.S. The belt, clutches and jewelry were bought separately.
Conclusions. I don't like to buy in Internet shops/catalogues but probably in future it will be better and I'll change my opinion.