Monday, November 29, 2010

Spring of autumn? Never mind.

Now-days we have first unmelting snow and real winter frost. I go to university in my white jacket from previous post. But past year I wore another clothes - dark maroon leather coat. I'll load photo here below from 26 of March 2009. I hope I'll enjoy soon such beautiful snow and you will enjoy my pics during looking :-)


  1. hello honey!
    you look adorable in your black coat!
    kiss ;)

  2. hi, Irina! :D
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I told my mother that you like our home and she's so happy and thank you.

  3. Amazing pics and I love your coat!

  4. Hello again, Irina!
    my name is Romina! :) no, I don't know this web-site, but I'm going to watch it at once!
    thank you for the info and for your kindness! :)
    see you soon!