Saturday, February 19, 2011

mom's bd

I want to say thanks to people which supported me in "fashion fight". And I want to say people which sent negative comments - if you don't like my face and clothes just don't look this blog please. Do you think really your designers' clothes is made in Italy or France? No! It's same China with same price as mine but you don't want to be honest. Almost all pret-a-porte designers have factories in China and other similar countries. I tried Dolce&Gabanna, Armani jeans and some others and I didn't see difference with that I wear usually. Dear girls, don't be victims of fashion. Wear all that you like but not all you think fashionable.

I'll return to my blog because nobody forbid me to do it. It's not crime to put here my photos for friends. Recently I was at birthday party of my mother. I wore this dress of mustard color.

Dress - Favori (Turkey). Approximate price is about 45$


  1. Hello Irina, I see you have some looks very nice, I am sending you a kiss from Spain.
    I wish you well.

  2. cool dress! try to add a green or violet something and it will look smashing