Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My dressing gowns & bathrobes

Most of free time I spend at home. That's why it's necessary to have comfortable home clothes. I like bright robes because they make me womanish. I'll put below some pics in different gowns and robes.
Hearts and print "I love you"

Bright flowers

Classic checked

Strawberry fields forever

Waves and hood


  1. hello Irina!! Thanks for your comment! You´re lovely!!!...
    I love your looks... "the classic Cheked" (i lke this dress.... woooww... the blue is colour very pretty for you!! Blue is one of my favourites colours!!! And the dress of flowers is wonderful!!

    you have very style and you´re a nice girl!!! THANK YOU FOR SEE ME, COMMENT ME, FOR ALL!!

    And sorry for my little English... I´m Spanish girl... but I speak Frech only !! sorry! sorry! orry!

    Ahhhh!!! Your blond hear is very pretty... is to much!!! I love your long hair... WOOOOWW!! WHAT A BLONDE BARBIE ARE YOU!!

  2. The strawberry one is my favorite! But they are all so awesome!

  3. Приветик, Иришка!Давно не коментировала твои луки(все руки не доходили).
    Ты прекрасна во всех халатиках, но зелененький с клубникой просто СУПЕР!!!Еще синий халат с сердечками тебе очень идет(ты в нем просто симпотяжка).И, кстати, тебе следует чаще носить капюшоны(тоже хорошо смотрятся).
    Ну все пошла я(буду ждать новые фотки):)))))))