Monday, September 6, 2010

Outfit for autumn rainy day

I was busy during weekend but today I'm going to work again. What should I dress now? There is original weather - not warm, not cold; a few rain, a few sun.
Sweater - purple old jercey; Pants - grey jeans Beiying is whole story.
I wanted to buy grey jeans but there were only blue and black ones of my size. I spent 2 weeks and bought these jeans in far shop but bigger size. Next day I went to dressmaking service and asked them to make it less. During waiting I've seen jeans of my size in next door shop from atelier!

At last, pink top and cardigan. I knitted it myself. Some years ago I bought pink earn for sweater. After I decided to knit top and did it. After it I decided to knit cardigan but I saw I have not earn more (for sleeves). I was angry and "forgot" about needles. After 2 years I created this cardigan with striped sleeves. Maybe it must be so? :-)

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